Ultraleap's fifth generation hand tracking software has been designed and engineered for optimum performance on XR2 based headsets.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro and Pro Eye are fully supported and the Pico 4, Pico Neo 3 Link, and Vive Focus 3 are compatible. Hand tracking on any Meta headset is made possible by tethering the camera to a machine running Windows.

Please note, XR2 is currently only compatible with Ultraleap's Hand Tracking Accessory for Pico Neo 3 Pro and Pro eye, and Ultraleap's Stereo IR 170 Evaluation Kit.

Downloadable packages are available for all Pico headsets and Vive Focus 3, and include the following as standard:


Control Panel

From the control panel you can visualise camera feeds, and adjust settings for the tracking service and your Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera.


Tracking Service

The software that runs the camera module and sends hand tracking data to applications that need it.

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For installation guide, demo tips, and developer tools, visit the Pico section on our developer resources site.

Please note, in addition to the standard distribution files, the following demos are included for Pico users only.


Setting Up Hand TrackinG

Step 1: Prepare headset

Step 2: Install software

  • Extract ZIP you’ve downloaded

  • Connect headset to a PC via USB

  • Accept any permissions dialogs in the headset

  • If you have a Windows PC, double click 'Install Ultraleap software' to install

  • If you have a Mac or Linux machine

    1. Download the Android SDK Platform Tools ZIP for your platform - macOS / Linux - and extract

    2. Open a terminal and browse to the extracted folder (e.g. cd path/to/extracted/folder/)

    3. Copy the name of a .apk file in the apks/ folder of the first ZIP

    4. Run ./adb install <path>/<filename>.apk in the terminal

    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for every .apk file in the apks/ folder

Step 3: Finalise headset

  • Connect the Micro USB to the Stereo IR 170 Evaluation Kit

  • Connect the USB-C end of USB cable to your headset

  • Accept any camera permissions once you plug the camera in

  • Make sure lens caps are removed

Release Notes

Tracking Service v5.14.0

  • Automatic firmware upgrade for Leap 2, 3Di and SIR170 devices

  • Frame rate on the Leap Motion Controller 2 is more consistent when connecting and disconnecting the camera

Known Issues

  • If using a Stereo IR 170, occasionally the Stereo IR 170 will run at reduced frame rates after prolonged use. Workaround: Restart the headset or let the headset cool down.

  • If using a Stereo IR 170, tracking can be flaky when using a USB 3.0 cable. Workaround: Ensure that you are using a USB2.0 cable.

  • There is an issue when using QVR devices if you attempt to plug in a Stereo IR 170 (without disabling QVR cameras first) when hand tracking will not work due to hands “flying away” on app open.

  • Workaround: in adb shell, run echo "{ "allowFake": false, "allowQVR": false, “allowUVC": true }” > /data/user/0/com.ultraleap.tracking.service/files/ultraleap/CaptureDeviceConfig.json to disable access to QVR cameras.

  • Hand tracking may freeze when switching between apps built with versions of our Unity plugin older than 5.12. If an update for the app is not yet available, you can work around this by disconnecting and reconnecting the Stereo IR 170 or reopening the app.

  • Connecting an Ultraleap device to a Pico 4 while an application is running will give a pop up asking the user to “Exit to Continue“. Not exiting the application will mean hand tracking is not present. Exiting the application and starting it with the device connected will allow for hand tracking.

  • The first application launch on Pico 4 with an Ultraleap device connected will give a pop up asking the user to “Exit to Continue“. Subsequent application launches with the device connected will not show this pop up.

Control Panel v2.2.0

  • Added support for new hardware


Please note we’re always working on improving our hand tracking. To do this, we collect anonymised diagnostics, application, and usage data. None of this data is associated with your device ID, any account you have with us, or any other personally identifiable information. Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

You can choose to stop sharing this anonymised data with us at any time by unchecking “Help Improve Tracking” under the Analytics heading in the ‘Ultraleap Control Panel’.