ULTRALEAP Plugin for UNREAL Engine 4


Tools and utilities to connect Unreal Engine 4 applications to hand tracking data.

Now includes major new features. Our award-winning Interaction Engine uses and applies real-world physics. Plus optimized, pre-rigged hand assets, UI input, and more.

The Ultraleap Plugin for Unreal now also provides preview support for UE5.



Got a Pico Neo 3 Pro? Your requirements are different. Download the plugin above and refer to your datasheet for more information.

The Unreal Plugin requires the latest version of our Hand Tracking Software, Ultraleap Gemini (V5.2+).


Quick Setup Guide

  • Ensure that you have the Ultraleap Hand Tracking Software (V5.2+) installed.

  • Get the latest release of the Ultraleap Unreal Plugin from the Unreal Marketplace.

  • Open or create a new project.

  • If installing from the Unreal Marketplace, enable the plugin in the Unreal editor from the plugins window.

  • If installing from GitHub, create a plugins folder in your project root folder and copy the plugin into it.

  • Start using our Unreal Examples.

All Ultraleap Unreal assets are subject to the Ultraleap Tracking SDK Agreement. The Unreal Tracking Plugin and examples are also available on GitHub.


Full Unreal documentation is available on our Developer Resources site. This includes:

  • Detailed setup guide

  • Interaction Engine – Physics interactions between tracked hands and virtual objects, including throwing, grabbing, single and multiple hand grasping

  • Hands – Automatically bind hand tracking data to imported custom hand models, without writing any code

  • UI Input – Retrofit Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UIs so that they can be interacted with using hand tracking

Get up and running in less than a minute with this quick setup video.


Release Notes for current version

Version 4.0.3

This version supports Gemini LeapC.dll (Gen2 support) and Unreal v4.27

  • Rebranded assets and code to Ultraleap

  • Added Interaction Engine

    • Physics interaction, throwing, pickup, and grab based on the Unity Interaction Engine

    • Physics and non-physics buttons, menus, and sliders

    • Dockable/Anchorable items

    • Easily customizable via callback interfaces

    • Example scenes for each style of interaction

  • Added UI Input modules

    • Interaction with 2D UMG user interfaces both close-up and distant interaction with pinch cursors

    • Support for embedded controls within UMG scrollable boxes

    • Reskinned UMG examples with Ultraleap theme

Known issues:

  • Auto calculating orientations with imported meshes that have negative scales require manual correction to the PreBaseRotation.

  • Automatic detection of HMD types (e.g. HTC Vive) offsets, when using the HMD in OpenXR mode (the default for 4.27) is hardwired to one offset. This is due to the device name being reported as 'OpenXR: Lighthouse'. Set the HMD offsets from blueprint for your device.


Past versions of our Unreal Plugin can be found in Legacy Releases.