Tools and utilities to connect Unity applications to hand tracking data. Award-winning Interaction Engine to use and apply real-world physics, tools you need to rig your own 3D hand assets, and optimized and rigged hand models.

There are different options for installation, choose the best one for you:



For more information, including contributor workflows, see the Installation section of the readme.

The Ultraleap Unity Plugin is subject to the Ultraleap Tracking SDK Agreement. The Unity Plugin is also available on GitHub and can be used with MRTK-Unity.

What’s Included?



A minimal interface between Unity and Ultraleap Hand Tracking Software. Render a basic set of hands, attach objects to hand joints, and more.


Interaction Engine

Physics representations of hands and VR controllers, fine-tuned with interaction heuristics to provide a fully-featured interaction API. Includes grasping, throwing, stable “soft” collision feedback, and hand proximity detection. Also comes with a suite of examples and prefabs.


Hands module

Set of scripts to help you bind Ultraleap data to your own hand assets. Provides the tools you need to rig your own 3D hand assets, including the powerful hands-auto-binding-tool. Also comes with range of optimized and rigged hand models.

Documentation & GET STARTED

Full Unity documentation is available on our Developer Resources site. This includes:

  • Detailed setup guide

  • How to upgrade from previous versions of our Unity Modules

  • Core concepts, components, and prefabs

  • How to get started with each module (Hands, Interaction Engine, Core)

  • Troubleshooting

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