Tracking Software DOWNLOAD

Ultraleap’s fifth generation Hand Tracking Software

Everything you need to run your Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera

Qualcomm XR2

You must uninstall any previous versions of our Tracking Software. Read migration guide

All customers developing with Ultraleap hand tracking devices and/or software need a license. Choose the right one for you.


Hand tracking support for MacOS (Beta version) for Mac Intel and Apple Silicon
Version 5.16.0


Beta release of Gemini for Linux.


Gemini hand tracking software for Pico Neo 3/Link/ Pro/Pro Eye and Pico 4 models



Control Panel

From the Control Panel you can visualise camera feeds, and adjust settings for the tracking service and your Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera.


Tracking Service

The software that runs the camera module and sends hand tracking data to applications that need it.



What you need to build applications if you're using the LeapC API. Alternatively use our Unity or Unreal plugins.

openxr API layer

We automatically install our OpenXR API Layer to add support for any application that uses OpenXR hand tracking data

Set Up Tracking Software for windows

1. Mount the Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera

Follow our guides for VR Headsets, Touchless Kiosks, or Desktop.

2. Download and install the Ultraleap Hand Tracking Software

3. Open the Control Panel

Right-click on the Ultraleap icon in the system tray and select Open Control Panel.


4. The Control Panel will show your tracked hands

The Control Panel should also show the infrared images direct from the camera module.



Legacy Releases

Looking for previous versions of our Tracking Software or Unity Modules? Find all our legacy releases here.

Experimental Builds

Try out our experimental builds for multiple devices and LeapUVC - these are Windows only.

Next Steps