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Our award-winning TouchFree software combines world-leading hand tracking with seamless control over interactive kiosk applications. It detects a user’s hand in mid-air and converts it to an on-screen cursor.

To use TouchFree with Ultraleap Gemini Hand Tracking Software V5.2 you will need to download and install TouchFree V2.1. Follow our migration guide for simple steps to upgrade.

Quick start guide


How to install and configure TouchFree. You can use the Quick Start Guide to:

  • Retrofit existing touchscreen interfaces with gesture control.

  • Install TouchFree in preparation for using our TouchFree Tooling for Web and Unity. This allows you to develop with gesture control as a native feature.


Steps to Getting a Touchless Cursor on Screen

  1. Set up your Hand Tracking Camera

  2. Download and install the Hand Tracking Software

  3. Download and install TouchFree

  4. Configure TouchFree

  5. Customise Interaction and User Interface Settings

1. Set Up Your Hand Tracking Camera

These steps will guide you through the basic TouchFree setup for a PC. For detailed kiosk mounting instructions, visit our Camera Placement Guide and Camera Position Visualizer Tool.

For Leap Motion Controller

  1. Remove the sticker from the top of the Leap Motion Controller.

  2. Use the USB cable included in the box. Centre the controller in front of your screen. The shiny side of the controller faces up and the green light faces towards you. Locate it so that it is comfortable to use.


For Stereo IR 170

  1. Remove both lens caps from the Stereo IR 170.

  2. Use the USB cable included in the box. Centre the Stereo IR 170 in front of your screen with the lenses facing upwards. Locate it so that it is comfortable to use.


2. Download and Install the Hand Tracking Software


Version 5.2

3. Download and Install TouchFree


Windows only
Version 2.1

All users developing with Ultraleap hand tracking devices and/or software need a license.
By downloading TouchFree you are agreeing to the
Ultraleap Tracking SDK Agreement and End User License Agreement.


Unzip the TouchFree download package.

Run the installer in the TouchFree download package.

Minimum specifications:

4. Configure TouchFree

When you open TouchFree, you’ll see this welcome screen:


Select Set Up TouchFree to navigate to the TouchFree Service Settings area. 


Configure TouchFree to suit your physical setup by selecting Setup Camera. We suggest you begin with Quick Setup to get started.

Follow the on-screen instructions to get a hand-driven overlay running on top of your existing UI, enabling touchless control.

For detailed kiosk setup instructions see the TouchFree User Manual.

5. Customise Interaction and User Interface Settings

From the Service Settings screen you can navigate to Interaction Settings.

Here you can:

  • change interaction type

  • modify interaction behaviours (e.g. scrolling behaviour and cursor responsiveness)

  • restrict the tracking zone area (useful in busy areas)

From the TouchFree Welcome Screen you can navigate to User Interface Settings.

Use these to:

  • modify cursor properties

  • enable/disable the Call to Interact

  • modify the Call to Interact

Note: Changes within User Interface Settings will not affect applications developed with TouchFree Tooling.

Full details on User Interface Settings can be found in the TouchFree User Manual.

Next steps: Developing with touchfree tooling

Want to move beyond retrofits? TouchFree Tooling allows Web and Unity developers to connect applications and content to TouchFree and use its hand positioning data directly. Design self-serve kiosks or interactive digital signage with touchless interaction as a native feature.


For questions and support submit a request or contact your account manager.