TOUCHFREE: Download and Get Started


Our award-winning TouchFree software combines world-leading hand tracking with seamless control over interactive kiosks and screens

1. Set Up Your Ultraleap hand tracking camera

Position your camera

With TouchFree you can position the camera either above or below the screen.

Set up your camera with a separate monitor or display, so that the camera is at least 10 cm away from any part of the screen you want to interact with.

This could be your kiosk, but for evaluation purposes it can be your desktop monitor (we do not recommend setting up TouchFree on a laptop – supported camera positions cannot be achieved on a laptop).


Make sure the camera is the right way round

Position the notch closest to the user, whether the camera is above or below the screen.


Plug your camera in

Use the USB cable included to plug your Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera into your device


For an optimal TouchFree experience we recommend using the Ultraleap 3Di Hand Tracking Camera. For detailed kiosk mounting instructions, visit our Camera Placement Guide and Camera Position Visualizer Tool.

To set up a Leap Motion Controller, or a Stereo IR 170 please visit our Set Up Camera page.

2. Download and Install TouchFree


Windows only

Download the .exe file and then run the installer.

Minimum specifications:

  • An Ultraleap Hand Tracking Camera

  • Windows® 10, 64-bit

  • Minimum Intel HD Graphics 530

  • Intel® Core™ i3 processor 5th Gen (must support AVX instructions)

  • 4 GB RAM

  • USB 2.0 port

All users developing with Ultraleap hand tracking devices and/or software need a license.
By downloading TouchFree you are agreeing to the
Ultraleap Tracking SDK Agreement and End User License Agreement.

Looking for previous versions of TouchFree? Visit our Legacy Releases page.

3. Configure TouchFree

Open TouchFree and follow the onscreen instructions.

We suggest you begin with Quick Setup.


1. Select Camera Setup.


3. Choose the camera position that matches your physical setup.


5. Touch the screen where the bottom target appears. Keep your finger on the screen while pressing the spacebar.


7. A touchless cursor will appear on screen.

2. Select Quick Setup.


4. In the next step you touch the screen in a specific place then press spacebar. This tells TouchFree what size your screen is.


6. Touch the screen where the top target appears. Keep your finger on the screen while pressing the spacebar.


8. Close the settings screen and start TouchFree. You can now control your screen touchlessly.


For a run-through of the setup process see our video below and for detailed kiosk setup instructions see the TouchFree User Manual.


You’re now ready to get going with TouchFree. Start playing around with customizations and interaction types, or open one of the Ultraleap demos to see what’s possible. Looking to develop applications with touchless control as a native feature? Use TouchFree Tooling for Web and Unity to develop with TouchFree.


OPTIONAL: start CustomiZing touchfree

From the TouchFree Settings screen you can navigate to Interaction and Appearance.

Interaction Settings:

  • change interaction type

  • modify interaction behaviours (e.g. scrolling behaviour and cursor responsiveness)

  • restrict the tracking zone area (useful in busy areas)


  • modify cursor appearance

  • enable/disable the Call to Interact

  • modify the Call to Interact

Note: Changes within Appearance will not affect applications developed with TouchFree Tooling.

See our video below for an overview, or find full details in the TouchFree User Manual.




New Features:

  • Tracking Software updated to v5.7.2 incorporating stability and security enhancements

  • TouchFree detects and reacts to the most appropriate hand in the scene

  • All TouchFree related settings are now camera independent, allowing configuration settings to be copied between similar kiosk hardware

Bug Fixes:

  • TouchFree no longer sends multiple input events, which was causing performance issues in some cases

  • Air Push clicks are no longer oversensitive when Scroll & Drag is disabled

  • The lower masking slider on the Masking Screen no longer becomes unresponsive


  • TouchFree installs the recommended Ultraleap Hand Tracking Software version automatically

  • Scroll and Drag is enabled by default, enabling interaction with scrollable content out of the box

  • Air Push activates click when held, eliminating the need to pull back

  • Reduced system resource usage when TouchFree is idle

  • Tracking Software Control Panel options are now found in the TouchFree Settings UI

Bug Fixes:

  • Tracking now always launches in the correct orientation

  • The TouchFree overlay application reconnects if the TouchFree service stops/starts

  • Camera masking screen now displays correctly at 16:10 aspect

  • TouchFree Settings can now be used with a mouse at the same time as a hand is tracked

  • After PC restart the camera masking will now load in the Settings UI

  • Tray icon can now be reopened from start menu

  • TouchFree handles invalid config files


Bug Fix:

  • Ultraleap Tracking service is no longer left unresponsive by Windows shutdown/restart


OPTIoNAL: Develop with touchfree tooling

Want to move beyond retrofits? TouchFree Tooling allows Web and Unity developers to connect applications and content to TouchFree and use its hand positioning data directly. Design self-serve kiosks or interactive digital signage with touchless interaction as a native feature.


For questions and support submit a request or contact your account manager.