TouchFree Tooling for Web is a lightweight client that can be integrated into your Web application, turning it touchless with minimal development effort.

This Quick Start Guide will show you how to import the client into your Web application. For more details visit the TouchFree User Manual on our Developer Resources Site.


Using the Quick Start Examples

Once you have imported TouchFree Tooling, a Quick Start Example webpage is provided.

This will allow you to test that TouchFree Tooling is working with TouchFree Service. It also serves as an example of how to integrate TouchFree Tooling. This page can be found in the Examples directory in the TouchFree Tooling for Web package.

Integrating TouchFree Tooling

Once you have the example page running, you’re ready to integrate TouchFree Tooling into your own application. You can reference the raw HTML of the Quick Start Example for the setup required to access the TouchFree Tooling.

We recommend duplicating the Quick-Start_Example.js and modifying it in order to make changes. This will prevent the file being overwritten when upgrading to newer versions of Tooling in future.

Note that this file depends on the content of TouchFree_Tooling.js being available under the name TouchFree.

We have a collection of TouchFree Tooling Examples on GitHub that you can use to learn how to integrate features of TouchFree Tooling into your application.



  • New cursor that uses SVGs rather than images - allowing for integration into a page using a single line of code.

  • The TouchFree cursor will now scroll scrollable areas without the need for extra code in the InputController.

  • The Ultraleap Tracking Service can now be configured through the Tooling for Web.


  • Input Action Events can now be sent to HTML elements at the position of the cursor, making it easier to build reactive content

  • TouchFree Tooling clients can request updates to the config files via the service to make global changes to the TouchFree configuration for all clients

  • TouchFree service state can be queried

Bug Fixes:

  • NONE events are now properly culled from overfilled InputAction Queues, improving performance

  • Web Tooling cursor position now aligns correctly with scaled displays

  • Cursor position no longer needs to be inverted in the Y axis every time it's used

    • NOTE: If you have used TouchFree cursor data directly, you will need to update your code to remove the inversion of the Y Axis data

All users developing with Ultraleap hand tracking devices and/or software need a license.
By downloading TouchFree you are agreeing to the Ultraleap Tracking SDK Agreement and End User License Agreement.