Touchfree TOOLING for web and unity

TouchFree Tooling allows Web and Unity developers to connect applications and content to TouchFree and use its hand positioning data directly. With it, you can move beyond retrofits and design self-serve kiosks or interactive digital signage with touchless interaction as a native feature.

Some examples of design features you could develop with TouchFree Tooling…

  • Fill a button dependent on how close a user’s hand is to it

  • Change interaction style while app is running

  • Introduce touchless snapping

Button Fill.gif

TF2 KEMI (1).png

What can you do with TouchFree Tooling?

TouchFree Tooling gets a touchless cursor into Web or Unity applications in a matter of minutes. You then have complete control over how your application reacts to users’ hand movements.

It also introduces two-way communication, allowing your application to request changes of behaviour from TouchFree at any time.


TouchFree Tooling demo application

Hospitality Map (1).gif

Our Hotel Check-in example showcases some examples of what’s possible with TouchFree Tooling:

  • Buttons that fill depending on how close a user’s hand is to activating a click event

  • Cursor Snapping to nearest button

  • Change which interaction style is used while application is running

  • Change cursor styles while application is running

  • 2D Map including panning and zooming support using “grab” interaction