Add touchless gesture control to interactive screens


TouchFree is a software application that runs on an interactive kiosk or advertising totem. It detects a user’s hand in mid-air and converts it to an on-screen cursor.

Minimum system requirements

All users developing with Ultraleap hand tracking devices and/or software need a license.
By downloading TouchFree you are agreeing to the
Ultraleap Tracking SDK Agreement and End User License Agreement.


TouchFree is only compatible with Windows.

  • Install the hand tracking SDK (Windows 4.1+)

  • Mount an Ultraleap camera module to the kiosk PC and connect it via USB.

  • Open TouchFree and configure it to work with your target screen.

  • A hand-driven overlay now runs on top of your kiosk UI, enabling touchless interaction.

Above Facing User camera mounting position

Our standard hand tracking SDK supports Above Facing Screen and Below camera module mounting positions within TouchFree.

A third position, Above Facing User, is available by contacting Ultraleap.


Explore how TouchFree works in different use-cases.

Ultraleap Touchless Ticket Machine

Touchless Ticket Machine

Our Touchless Ticket Machine demo shows how gesture control can be used to create a touchless ticket vending experience as easy and intuitive as using a touchscreen.


Touchless Self-Ordering

Our quick-service restaurant demo shows how TouchFree can be used to create the touchless kiosks QSR customers want, with minimal impact on user journey time.



Visit Ultraleap Docs for guidelines on camera placement, usability tips, and more.



All users developing with Ultraleap hand tracking devices and/or software need a license.

  • Developer license (free): Non-commercial use only

  • Commercial license: Businesses embedding Ultraleap tracking hardware and/or software in a resellable product, and any business developing an application for industrial, military, commercial or medical equipment, or CAD

  • Enterprise license: Applications for internal business use only (e.g. CAD or productivity tools)