TouchFree is a software application that runs on an interactive kiosk or advertising totem. It detects a user’s hand in mid-air and converts it to an on-screen cursor.


Easy to integrate, deploy, and use

• Runs invisibly on top of existing user interfaces

• Add touchless interaction without writing a single line of code

• Familiar touchscreen-style interactions

How users interact

• A user’s hand is detected, and shown as a cursor displayed on the screen

• Users can select items without touching the screen using a simple “air push” motion, similar to tapping a screen but in mid-air.

• To drag or scroll, “air push”, then move


All users developing with Ultraleap hand tracking devices and/or software need a license.

By downloading TouchFree you are agreeing to the Ultraleap Tracking SDK Agreement and End User License Agreement.

Minimum system requirements



If you haven’t already, please download the SDK. TouchFree is only compatible with Windows V4 (or later).

  • Install the latest Leap Motion Service on your kiosk’s Windows PC.

    1. Mount an Ultraleap camera module to the kiosk PC and connect it via USB.

    2. Open TouchFree and configure it to work with your target screen.

    3. A hand-driven overlay now runs on top of your kiosk UI, enabling touchless interaction.


Visit Ultraleap Docs for guidelines on camera placement, usability tips, and more.

Set-up Guide

Full TouchFree setup guide.

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Camera Placement Guidelines

How to position your Ultraleap camera module.

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Edit the cursor appearance and interaction method for TouchFree.

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Usability Tips

Optimizing user experiences for touchless kiosks.

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Instructional Information

Evidence-based methods for explaining to new users how to use touchless kiosks.

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Interaction Types

Discover the Air Push and alternative Hover & Hold interaction methods.

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All users developing with Ultraleap hand tracking devices and/or software need a license.

• Developer license (free): Non-commercial use only

• Commercial license: Businesses embedding Ultraleap tracking hardware and/or software in a resellable product, and any business developing an application for industrial, military, commercial or medical equipment, or CAD

• Enterprise license: Applications for internal business use only (e.g. CAD or productivity tools)