core_asset, unity

Core Asset 4.0.2

  • Fix: Issue #76 & #50 & #49 #33- Physics hands lag behind graphics hands if LeapImageRetriever not present
  • Relaxed hand chirality restriction which could interfere with hand initialization. Added EnforceHandedness check box to * LeapHandController component which is off by default
  • Fixed issue where hands would not scale properly when LeapHandController is scaled
  • When code compile is triggered while editor is running, the editor playback is now stopped automatically to avoid editor freezes triggerd by hot reloading
  • Fix: Issue #56 and #3 Temporal warping judder
  • Fix for Issue #67 - Playing and stopping hangs Editor if service not running.
  • Setting IsHeadMounted to True on LeapHandController's in VR scenes
  • Fix: issue: FPS Drop in LeapC w/passthrough in Robust Mode or with no hand in view
  • Removing ToUnityScaled from LeapUnityExtensions and all hand scripts
  • Many minor fixes and significant optimizations throughout


Leap Motion Orion 3.1.1

  • Fixed a service crash when triggering device auto-orientation after disconnect/reconnect
  • Fixed a communication issue with the service and control panel after closing the Unity Editor
  • Fixed a Unity crash after editing scripts in Unity Editor while a Leap scene is running
  • Report Software Issue in the Troubleshooting section of the control panel functions properly again
  • Resolved an issue that caused device auto-orientation to stop working occasionally
  • Manual device orientation button from the control panel functions again
  • Software log reports device orientation and when HMD/Desktop mode is triggered


Leap Motion Orion 3.1.0

  • Rewrote the .NET API wrapper around LeapC
  • Better tracking when hands are occluded or touching
  • LeapC PinchAPI and GrabAPI values no longer return 0
  • Resolved the corrupt characters appearing in software log
  • Resolved the hitching issue seen when running apps
  • Resolved a crash when multiple clients were connected at service start
  • Resolved a crash related to calibration


Leap Motion Orion 3.0.0

  • Greater robustness to cluttered backgrounds and ambient light interference
  • Enhanced tracking range that extends to the full length of your arms
  • Faster and better initialization for all hands
  • Lower latency
  • Significantly improved grab-and-drop interactions
  • Lower overall CPU usage
  • Much better finger flexibility allowing for better poses
  • Better tracking on the edge of the field of view
  • Added a VR and PC visualizer to the tray menu
  • Various control panel updates
  • The Unity assets now use a C# binding to a C-language library rather than the SWIG-generated C++ bindings. The new C# API is slightly different then the previous one, especially for images. Currently this new C# API is only used in Unity
  • Deprecated Tools
  • Deprecated Gestures
  • Deprecated Motion APIs (Frame and Hand translation, rotation, scale and related probability estimates)
  • Tracking now automatically resumes after recalibration on Windows
  • Added the setPaused() API
  • Added the isLightingBad() API
  • Added the isSmudged() API
  • Added onLogMessage API to LeapListener
  • A new ‘start_paused’ config flag has been added
  • Fixed touch compatibility for Recalibrate
  • Fixed Recalibrate not being resizable
  • Improved behavior when detecting smudges
  • Apps should now always correctly detect reconnection
  • Updated the C++ sample with examples of the new APIs
  • Removed unneeded Windows DLLs from the SDK