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Ultraleap Gemini V5.5 Release Notes

  • Hand tracking improvements in Screentop tracking mode: We’ve made tracking improvements to pointing pose detection at longer distances. This increases the reliability of our TouchFree solutions.

  • Tracking Visualizer improvements: We’ve added help text popups to various menu options to help users understand what they are for.

  • Tracking Mode persists on device and service reconnection: The selected tracking mode will now persist on device and service reconnection on a per-device basis, instead of resetting to the default tracking mode. For example, if a user selects HMD (head-mounted) tracking mode and disconnects that device, when the device is reconnected, HMD mode will remain as the selected tracking mode for any client connected to the service.

Note: Please uninstall previous versions of the Tracking Software to ensure there are no conflicts.

Resolved Issues

  • The skeleton hands overlay is no longer misaligned in the Tracking Visualizer when swapping between camera devices.

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