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Ultraleap Gemini V5.4 Release Notes

  • We have improved the ‘look and feel’ of the Tracking Visualizer and included some new customizable features: We’ve added a new UI to the Visualizer so that a user is able to easily control how hands are being displayed and tracked, which makes it easier for a user to troubleshoot why tracking isn’t performing as expected.

    For VR users, the Visualizer can now be configured to be viewed either on their standard displays or directly in their headset.

  • Data analytics: We’ve integrated diagnostic data analytics. Anonymized app and usage data will be sent to Ultraleap to improve future releases. You can choose to stop sharing this anonymized data with us at any time by unchecking the "Help Improve Tracking" box in the Control Panel.

Note: Please uninstall previous versions of the Tracking Software to ensure there are no conflicts.

Resolved Issues

  • There are no longer compatibility issues when using the Tracking Visualizer in VR mode with the Oculus Quest 2 or Valve Index and Ultraleap cameras.

  • There is no longer a small offset with skeleton hand overlay in Tracking Visualizer when using SIR170 in non-VR mode.

  • Tracking Visualizer render fps value will now match monitor refresh rate even when window is minimised and frame rate of the VR headset when in VR.

  • There is no longer a memory leak in Tracking Visualizer application when tracking is paused.

  • LeapPollConnection will now work as expected when passing in a long timeout.

  • The Pause tracking feature will now work regardless of whether or not a client application is connected.

  • The service should no longer crash/stop when disconnecting a Leap Motion Controller or Stereo IR 170.

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