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Ultraleap Gemini V5.3 Release Notes

  • Tracking Visualizer does not default to Desktop mode when launched: Launching the Tracking Visualizer does not automatically set the tracking mode to Desktop. It will first display the tracking mode that has already been set by another application (e.g. TouchFree). Pressing “V” to cycle through the tracking modes will still make changes to the tracking mode used by the tracking service.

  • Software log rotation: Log rotation is now setup so that the most recent logs are in tracker_log.txt followed by tracker_log.1.txt , tracker_log.2.txt and tracker_log.3.txt

  • API update: The PID identification for the Stereo IR 170 Hand Tracking Camera has been updated. The Stereo IR 170 will now return an identification of eLeapDevicePID_SIR170 in the LEAP_DEVICE_INFO structure, rather than eLeapDevicePID_Rigel.

Note: Please uninstall previous versions of the Tracking Software to ensure there are no conflicts.

Resolved Issues

  • Missing VC redistributable dlls no longer causes the following installation error “The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll cannot be found”.

  • LeapPollConnection() now respects the timeout parameter value prior to a connection to the service where the timeout is always at 2 seconds (OS timeout on Windows).

  • Tracking service no longer crashes/stops after a firmware update to the Leap Motion Controller.

  • Software log file (tracker_log.txt) no longer grows indefinitely.

  • The serial number reported by the Leap Motion Controller is no longer displaying incorrectly.

  • The Control Panel now launches from Start Menu.

  • Occasionally, the Tracking Service can get stuck if stopped or restarted whilst the Tracking Visualizer is open. This has now been resolved.

  • Tracking service no longer fails to run hand tracking if the Windows username included non-Latin characters (i.e. non-ASCII).

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