Leap tracking service now supports a new Screentop tracking mode

  • LeapC API allows setting the tracking mode via LeapSetTrackingMode() and the corresponding enum eLeapTrackingMode. Available tracking mode enumerations are eLeapTrackingMode_Desktop, eLeapTrackingMode_HMD and eLeapTrackingMode_ScreenTop, for the operation of up-facing, head-mounted and down-facing devices.

  • Setting the tracking mode is confirmed by a new asynchronous event type LEAP_TRACKING_MODE_EVENT. Note that changing the tracking mode also results in LEAP_POLICY_EVENT prior to the corresponding LEAP_TRACKING_MODE_EVENT emitted via LeapPollConnection().

  • The tracking mode related policy flags eLeapPolicyFlag_OptimizeHMD and eLeapPolicyFlag_OptimizeScreenTop can be used to switch the tracking mode but are marked deprecated. Please use LeapSetTrackingMode() instead.

  • The hmd_tracking parameter specified by command line argument or in the config file of the LeapService is deprecated. The activation prevents other tracking modes to be enabled.

  • Removed AppHome

  • Two hand performance noticeably improved

  • Arm accuracy improved

  • Improved performance for small and large hands

  • Improved hand rotation sensitivity

  • Improved smoothness

  • Improved hand tracking initialization

  • Improved hand tracking termination consistency (HMD mode only)

  • Finger fidelity increased (HMD mode only)

  • Significantly more robust hand tracking (Desktop mode only)

The 5.0.0-preview releases supports the same LeapC API as past 4.x.x versions and future 5.x.x versions. However, the client-server protocol will be replaced in the first non-preview 5.x.x release. This will mean that client applications built with the 5.0.x-preview SDK will not communicate with 5.x.x servers or vice versa.