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Unity Modules 4.7.0


This is the 2018.4 Compatibility Release.

  • Updates the LeapC.dll's
  • Adds Support for new "ScreenTop" Tracking Mode; Compatible with 4.9+ Services
  • Consolidates editor scripts and adds an .asmdef to remove the errors/warnings related to SpatialTracking
  • Adds backwards compatibility back to 2017.4
  • Adds a convenience function for the Projected Hand Ray Direction
  • Optimizes the rendering performance of Capsule Hands with Instancing
  • Adds Advanced Mode Menus to the LeapServiceProviders to tidy up their Inspector
  • Adds Server Namespaces (INTERNAL ONLY)
  • Reserializes Scenes for Unity 2018.4 LTS

Thanks to our contributors,
@MaxPalmer-UH / @DrMaxP