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Unity Modules 4.5.0

We're changing to a unified release model

This release reflects a slight deviation from how we've done UnityModules releases in the past. To make it easier to get releases out the door, we're unifying the versioning system around the "Core Asset" release, and combining modules together into a single release version. Individual module packages are still available, but this path is essentially a roundabout way to copy files into your project, which you can do straight from the repo, now considered the central source of truth on master.


  • Moves the LeapMotion folder from Assets to Assets/Plugins. This shortens project build times.
  • Upgrades the default Unity version to 2019.2.
  • Aims to support Unity 2017.1 through 2019.3. Please submit a ticket if you experience issues using UnityModules with any Unity versions beyond 2017.1.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented hands from rendering when using Scriptable Render Pipeline projects.
  • Adds a desktop-mode IE example scene.

Hotfixes (2020-05-01):

  • Fixes compilation errors in 2018.4.
  • Note that the SRP is Experimental in 2018.4 and lacks the correct callbacks to support hand timewarping. As a consequence, hand rendering is not compatible with the SRP in 2018.4.
  • Fixes compilation warnings in 2019.3.

Community contributions

  • Adds a configuration option to IE two-handed grasps. - @DerSticher
  • Adds an event on initial IE contact bone creation. - @SyDroX

    Thank you for your contributions!

With love from the UnityModules team, @nickjbenson and @jselstad