Touchfree 2.2


  • TouchFree Application: Moved application specific settings to “Settings/Appearance” page

  • Settings: Added “Appearance” page to incorporate TouchFree Application–specific settings

  • Settings: Added “Camera Setup / Camera Feeds and Masking” page

  • Settings: Decimal number fields support comma as decimal symbol

  • Settings: Cursor shown in UI adopts cursor settings from Appearance page

  • Settings: Users are warned if they have insufficient permissions to edit files

  • System Tray: Added option to “Start/Stop TouchFree”

Bug Fixes:

  • Settings: Serialization issue when entering commas in text fields

  • Settings: Input active when cursor is not

  • Settings: Exiting Quick Setup early keeps the selected tracking mode

  • Settings: “Appearance/Reset to Defaults” leaves cursor colour settings open

  • Service: Tracking mode is not correctly set on system boot when Tracking Service loads after TouchFree Service