Leap Motion Orion 4.0.0

What's New

  • Greater finger dexterity and fingertip precision

  • Better hand pose stability and reliability

  • Faster and more consistent initialization

  • Smoother hand and finger movements

  • Improved tracking fidelity on backgrounds and bright lighting

  • More accurate shape and scale for hands

  • Significantly improved performance on embedded “Rigel” devices

  • LeapC is now the officially supported API included in the SDK. LeapAPI has been deprecated

  • Changed the fingertip location in LeapC applications such that the point defines the center of a sphere whose edge is at the fingertip. Previous output was defined such that the point was at the edge of the fingertip

  • Removed LeapCSharp and associated functionality from the SDK. It can now be found as part of UnityModules

  • Removed Leap.dll, all associated language bindings (LeapPython, LeapJava, Objective-C) and samples

  • Added a feature that pauses the device when no clients are connected (note: the Leap Control Panel is a client)

  • LeapC makefile now generates all the samples correctly

  • Fixed a hang at service shutdown

  • Fixed an issue where hands could initialize on top of other hands