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Interaction Engine 1.2.0

Requires: Core Asset 4.4.0 & Leap Motion Orion 4.0.0

What's New:


  • Added the IgnoreCollidersForInteraction component, which causes a Collider to be ignored by the Interaction Engine. This is intended for trigger colliders that should be considered only for raycasting and not, e.g., for grasping or collision.

  • Removed the (unused and deprecated) RigidbodyWarper script.

  • VR controllers will now be detected at runtime in the IE example scenes that support them. (Previously, they had to be active and visible to Unity as soon as the application started running.) This functionality causes a minimal amount of garbage allocation every few seconds in those scenes, but did not have a noticeable impact on garbage collection times. You can disable this functionality by disabling "pollConnection" on the InteractionXRController script.


  • Improved the ability to grasp small objects.

  • Improved the consistency of grasping an object that was held by the other hand.

  • Added OnGraspBegin, OnGraspStay, and OnGraspEnd callbacks to InteractionController.


  • Modified the Basic UI example scene to demonstrate how a InteractionButton UI panel can be moved without causing the attached physical buttons to wobble.

Curved Space Support

  • Fixed a bug where Interaction Objects inherited LeapSpace components that were only used for an object's LeapGraphics. InteractionBehaviour now only considers any LeapSpaces -- such as LeapCylindricalSpace or LeapSphericalSpaces -- that are on or the parent of a Collider.