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Interaction Engine 1.1.0

Requires: Core Asset 4.3.0

What's New:

  • Pressing X on initial gravity and timestep warnings no longer dismisses the warnings forever.
  • Example 7 has been added, demonstrating how to set up a scene to support putting the player in a moving reference frame and still have user interfaces function properly.
  • SceneSettings have been removed from Example 2, preventing project settings from getting clobbered.
  • Sliders have had their inspectors organized more neatly.
  • Fixed an issue where, at low physics timesteps, buttons moved too slowly.
  • Interaction objects are no longer required to exist on the Interaction layer. Layers with interaction objects on them are tracked and still filtered for physics optimization.
  • Interaction buttons and sliders can now be constructed based upon where they relax to or where they depress to.
  • Added a warning when RigidRoundHand scripts are detected in the scene, as these scripts break proper physics functionality.
  • Fixed physical and visual instability when grasping buttons.
  • Fixed instability when grasping objects with centers of mass that are offset from the Rigidbody transform position.
  • Interaction Controllers now provide warnings in their inspectors if they are added to a scene but not beneath an InteractionManager.
  • Fixed exception when adding an InteractionBehaviour component at runtime
  • Fixed a bug with AnchorableBehaviours where inspector utility buttons were incorrectly grayed out when only a single object was selected.