unity, core_asset

Core Assets 4.3.1

What's New:

Unity Version

  • Upgraded Core Assets to expect Unity 2017.1.0p4, a version that patch-fixes a security vulnerability allowing arbitrary code execution. See UNITY-SEC-844. Unity 5.6 and above remain supported.

Leap Hands

  • Adjusted the default pose offset of the Leap Motion Controller from a tracked headset to be 12 cm forward (previously 10 cm) and a 5 degree tilt downward (previously 0 degrees). This change is expected to improve hand alignment for most VR devices.
  • Added a checkbox to allow manual Leap Motion Controller pose alignment on the LeapVRTemporalWarping script. Available parameters are forward offset, vertical offset, and upward/downward tilt. These settings are tied to the application, not the headset, so these settings should only be used under circumstances where the application will be run in a known headset configuration.
  • Fixed a bug where Attachment Hands could null-reference when iterating through all available attachment points.

Query (Garbageless LINQ)

  • Added Min and Max query operations for queries on collections of IComparables.
  • Added support Query()-ing 2D arrays.


  • Added the Maybe\<T\> and Either<U, V> data structures.
  • Added the AnimationCurveUtil, providing static methods that can compress AnimationCurve objects, with a parameterized maximum error.
  • Added SerializableType, which allows you to serialize Type references.
  • Added ProgressBar, an easy way to produce progress bars for long operations in-editor.
  • Added AssetFolder, an intelligent serializable reference to a folder.


  • Leap Motion Orion 3.X
  • Oculus SDK 1.3
  • Unity 5.6+
  • Windows

Compatible Modules: