Core Assets 4.3.0

What's New:

  • Visual Studio compilation for LeapCSharp has been fixed, bringing back the breakpoints workflow for debugging.
  • It is now possible to choose between two poses at edit-time by the Edit-Time Pose option in the LeapServiceProvider's inspector.
  • The device type setting has been removed; we now always assume Leap Motion Controller settings.
  • The isHeadMounted property is now validated at runtime and automatically set to an appropriate value when the LeapServiceProvider script is added to a GameObject.
  • The HandUtils static class now only requires a LeapProvider rather than a LeapServiceProvider, better supporting edge-cases where users desire, for example, recorded playback via custom service provider scripts.
  • Modified the focalPlaneOffset value for the Leap Motion Controller to produce better hand presence.
  • HandFader.cs has been removed, as it was unused.
  • A handful of new utilities have been added to support IE and GR development.


  • Leap Motion Orion 3.X
  • Oculus Rift 0.8.0+
  • Unity 5.6+
  • Windows

Compatible Modules: