unity, core_asset

Core Assets 4.1.6

What's New:

  • Hands can be given post-processes before they are rendered. 
  • Better support for 5.6 (we support 5.5 and above). 
  • Helpful Attributes like EditTimeOnly, MinValue, MaxValue added. 
  • Added a garbageless LINQ-like Query library. Import Leap.Unity.Query and call Query() on, e.g. a List or a HashSet
  • Static accessors for hands make getting hand data easier than ever. Import Leap.Unity and call Hands.Left or Hands.Right
  • Leap.Unity.Animation namespace added, featuring a simple Tween library


  • Leap Motion Orion 3.X
  • Oculus Rift 0.8.0+
  • Unity 5.5+
  • Windows

Compatible Modules: