unity, core_asset

Core Asset 4.1.5

What's New:

  • Enhancement: smoothed interpolation chooses optimal value automatically
  • Enhancement: Added SerializableDictionary to /DataStructures/
  • Enhancement: added MinHeap to /DataStructures/
  • Enhancement: attributes properties can be disabled by other properties
  • Fix: removed redundant pinch variables
  • Fix: improved multi-value attribute editing
  • Fix: removed "Either" from iHandModel's Chirality enum
  • Fix: compile error from RiggedHand and RiggedHandMobile
  • Upgraded LeapC - PR#437
  • Enhancement: improved AutoFind attribute
  • Fix: updated LeapCSharp.NET.3.5.dll to handle new device serial numbers
  • Fix: removed all foreach loops for performance
  • Fix: LeapVRTemporalWarping has new functionality for the Sync Mode enum. Most scenes should be set to LOW_LATENCY while AR scenes using video passthrough should be set to SYNC_WITH_HANDS
  • Fix: In LeapServiceProvider, interpolation enabling/disabling is now hidden and on by default.


  • Leap Motion Orion 3.X
  • Oculus Rift 0.8.0+
  • Unity 5.3+
  • Windows

Compatible Modules

  • Leap Motion Interaction Engine 0.2.03
  • Attachments Module 1.0.3
  • Detection Examples 1.0.2
  • UI Input 1.2.0