core_asset, unity

Core Asset 4.1.4

What's New:

  • Handpool will no longer error if there is an empty model slot in the HandPool
  • Models spawned by with Handpool's CanDuplicate are now parented to a ModelsParent transform specified in the HandPool's inspector. If this is left empty, then spawned model's are not parented.
  • Minor modifications to support Interaction Engine
  • Refactored PinchDetector so that it has an abstract base class. This paves the way for future, similar detectors.
  • Added standard Color definitions for Detector gizmo drawing
  • Added Minimum and Maximum extended finger counts to ExtendedFingerDetector. This allows you to specify that at least a minimum and/or no more than a maximum number of fingers are extended.
  • Streamlined ExtendedFingerDetector code.
  • Changed FingerDirectionDetector to use the direction of the distal phalanges rather than the intermediate phalange.
  • Added Tag name setting to ProximityDetector that adds any objects with the specified tag to the target object list.
  • Added a Layer option to ProximityDetector, which uses the specified Layer for proximity checks rather than the target object list.
  • Runtime Gizmos!


  • Leap Motion Orion 3.X
  • Oculus Rift 0.8.0+
  • Unity 5.3+
  • Windows

Compatible Modules

  • Leap Motion Interaction Engine 0.2.03
  • Attachments 1.0.3
  • Detection Examples 1.0.2
  • UI Input 1.1.0