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Core Asset 4.1.0

  • HandPool can now accept prefabs directly from the project as well as the current workflow of instances in the hierarchy. In this use case, hands will not be persistent in the scene views of course, and clones are instantiated into the HandPool at start.
  • HandPool's Inspector UI has been simplified. IHandModels are dragged directly into the HandPool (either from the Project or from the Hierarchy window as explained above) at Editor time vs. into the HandCollection intermediary which has been removed. Additionally, ModelLists have been hidden in the editor. They are easily revealed if needed for debugging.
  • EnforceHandedness has been removed. Chirality can be enforced by setting IHandModel's exposed enum to "Right", "Left" or relaxed with "Either".
  • Each IHandModel pair has an exposed CanDuplicate boolean. If this is checked, more than one Left or Right model can be spawned. These, extra spawned models will be restored to the HandPool when their corresponding Leap Hand stops tracking. This functionality has been added in part to support the low performance initialization used in the mobile daemon.
  • Multiple hands pairs are now supported. In the HandPool's editor UI, The ModelPool's Size value can be set to the desired number of model pairs. For example debug hands can be added to run along with the Capsule hands. Each model pair can now be enabled and disabled at runtime by calling its user assigned name. This is done using the * HandPool.EnableGroup("Group Name") and HandPool.DisableGroup("Group Name") methods. Additionally, each pair can be enabled or disabled in the editor to control whether those models appear at Start..
  • Scene View persistent model positions (defined by the poses in TestHandFactory) are now adjusted so the IHandModel transforms can and should be placed at their local origins. This way, when using multiple hands, all pairs will align in the Scene view during edit time.
  • Vive support. The example VR and AR scenes can be built for the Vive using Unity 5.4 beta and by adding SteamVR support in the Player settings. They can also be built to dual Vive/Oculus support
  • Improved Debug Hands with visible bases
  • CSharp wrapper from platform 68bc064
  • And of course multiple fixes and improvements