core_asset, unity

Core Asset 4.0.2

  • Fix: Issue #76 & #50 & #49 #33- Physics hands lag behind graphics hands if LeapImageRetriever not present
  • Relaxed hand chirality restriction which could interfere with hand initialization. Added EnforceHandedness check box to * LeapHandController component which is off by default
  • Fixed issue where hands would not scale properly when LeapHandController is scaled
  • When code compile is triggered while editor is running, the editor playback is now stopped automatically to avoid editor freezes triggerd by hot reloading
  • Fix: Issue #56 and #3 Temporal warping judder
  • Fix for Issue #67 - Playing and stopping hangs Editor if service not running.
  • Setting IsHeadMounted to True on LeapHandController's in VR scenes
  • Fix: issue: FPS Drop in LeapC w/passthrough in Robust Mode or with no hand in view
  • Removing ToUnityScaled from LeapUnityExtensions and all hand scripts
  • Many minor fixes and significant optimizations throughout