Leap Motion Orion 4.1.0

What's New

  • Allow access to Leap Motion tracking data from UWP and AppContainer applications

  • Control panel setting 'Allow Web Apps' persists

  • Control panel setting 'Manual Orientation' Setting persists

  • Fixed an intermittent crash of LeapSvc.exe during power cycle

  • Fixed an issue where the SHA256 was not computed correctly on Intel Ice Lake CPUs

  • Fixed an intermitted failure to detect Rigel/SIR170

  • Fixed an issue during shutdown of LeapSvc, where shutdown requested within seconds after startup


Leap Motion Orion 4.0.0

What's New

  • Greater finger dexterity and fingertip precision

  • Better hand pose stability and reliability

  • Faster and more consistent initialization

  • Smoother hand and finger movements

  • Improved tracking fidelity on backgrounds and bright lighting

  • More accurate shape and scale for hands

  • Significantly improved performance on embedded “Rigel” devices

  • LeapC is now the officially supported API included in the SDK. LeapAPI has been deprecated

  • Changed the fingertip location in LeapC applications such that the point defines the center of a sphere whose edge is at the fingertip. Previous output was defined such that the point was at the edge of the fingertip

  • Removed LeapCSharp and associated functionality from the SDK. It can now be found as part of UnityModules

  • Removed Leap.dll, all associated language bindings (LeapPython, LeapJava, Objective-C) and samples

  • Added a feature that pauses the device when no clients are connected (note: the Leap Control Panel is a client)

  • LeapC makefile now generates all the samples correctly

  • Fixed a hang at service shutdown

  • Fixed an issue where hands could initialize on top of other hands


Leap Motion Orion 3.2.0

What's New

  • Improved initialization speed
  • Improved stability of tracking some poses
  • Better tracking and initialization in desktop mode
  • Updated Unity Visualizer to fix a latency issue
  • Official LeapC documentation in the SDK package
  • Various changes to LeapC including:
    • Added LeapPixelToRectilinear()
    • Added LeapRectilinearToPixel()
    • Added invalid and unknown device types
    • Renamed eLeapDeviceType to eLeapPID
    • Added record to file and playback from file
    • Added 3x3 Matrix struct
    • Added quaternion to LEAP_PALM to represent orientation
    • Added LeapInterpolateFrameFromTime() function


Leap Motion Orion 3.1.3

  • Significantly reduced the number of false hands appearing on background objects

  • Improved initialization in complex backgrounds and at longer distances

  • Addressed an issue where the hand can become detached at higher hand velocities

  • Addressed a rare service hang while idling for several hours

  • Addressed an issue with the VR Visualizer showing destop mode when using HMDs

  • Addressed a rare crash issue when restarting the service

  • Addressed a small memory leak after pausing/unpausing the service many times


Leap Motion Orion 3.1.2

  • Added in the LeapCSharp .NET 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 DLLs
  • Addressed a judder issue in LeapC when application render FPS and tracking FPS were out of sync
  • Improved initialization when running at lower frame rates
  • Better tracking and higher FPS while in robust mode
  • Improved tracking on the edge of the field of view
  • Adjusted the gamma in the VR Visualizer when in Robust Mode
  • Added an FPS counter in the VR Visualizer
  • Updated the VR Visualizer to support Oculus 1.3
  • Also updated the VR Visualizer to support HTC Vive


Leap Motion Orion 3.1.1

  • Fixed a service crash when triggering device auto-orientation after disconnect/reconnect
  • Fixed a communication issue with the service and control panel after closing the Unity Editor
  • Fixed a Unity crash after editing scripts in Unity Editor while a Leap scene is running
  • Report Software Issue in the Troubleshooting section of the control panel functions properly again
  • Resolved an issue that caused device auto-orientation to stop working occasionally
  • Manual device orientation button from the control panel functions again
  • Software log reports device orientation and when HMD/Desktop mode is triggered


Leap Motion Orion 3.1.0

  • Rewrote the .NET API wrapper around LeapC
  • Better tracking when hands are occluded or touching
  • LeapC PinchAPI and GrabAPI values no longer return 0
  • Resolved the corrupt characters appearing in software log
  • Resolved the hitching issue seen when running apps
  • Resolved a crash when multiple clients were connected at service start
  • Resolved a crash related to calibration


Leap Motion Orion 3.0.0

  • Greater robustness to cluttered backgrounds and ambient light interference
  • Enhanced tracking range that extends to the full length of your arms
  • Faster and better initialization for all hands
  • Lower latency
  • Significantly improved grab-and-drop interactions
  • Lower overall CPU usage
  • Much better finger flexibility allowing for better poses
  • Better tracking on the edge of the field of view
  • Added a VR and PC visualizer to the tray menu
  • Various control panel updates
  • The Unity assets now use a C# binding to a C-language library rather than the SWIG-generated C++ bindings. The new C# API is slightly different then the previous one, especially for images. Currently this new C# API is only used in Unity
  • Deprecated Tools
  • Deprecated Gestures
  • Deprecated Motion APIs (Frame and Hand translation, rotation, scale and related probability estimates)
  • Tracking now automatically resumes after recalibration on Windows
  • Added the setPaused() API
  • Added the isLightingBad() API
  • Added the isSmudged() API
  • Added onLogMessage API to LeapListener
  • A new ‘start_paused’ config flag has been added
  • Fixed touch compatibility for Recalibrate
  • Fixed Recalibrate not being resizable
  • Improved behavior when detecting smudges
  • Apps should now always correctly detect reconnection
  • Updated the C++ sample with examples of the new APIs
  • Removed unneeded Windows DLLs from the SDK