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Attachments Module 1.0.3

Requires: Core Asset 4.1.3

This release provides better transitions and an option to draw lines representing the hand for debugging and easier setup.

What's New:

  • Refactored Transition code.
  • Removed separation of In and Out transitions.
  • Transition now uses Animation curves with a domain of[-1,1]. The non-transitional point is 0.
  • Added OnAnimationStep event dispatcher so applications can perform their own animation logic in step with the transition.
  • Added options to AttachmentController to activate and deactivate attachments on enable/disable. This allows you to control how attached objects are handled when the hand enters and exits the scene.
  • Changed GrabPoint calculation of attachment hand.
  • Added Gizmo lines to attachment hand. Lines are only drawn when a RuntimeGizmoManager (from the core assets) is in the scene.
  • Added a Root transform setting to the Transition object, which defaults to the current game object's transform. This allows you to place the transition anywhere in the hierarchy.
  • Also removed the ActivateOnEnable setting from the AttachmentController. It was unnecessary and potentially confusing.
  • Added ITransition as base class of Transition, so that Transition classes can be replaced with a different implementation.
  • Added Transition prefab.
  • Fixed Chirality settings in ProzimityDemo scene.
  • Added GameObject with a RuntimeGizmoManager to ProximityDemo scene to support gizmo drawing.