unity, core_asset

Core Assets 4.3.3

What's New:

This is a hotfix release addressing an issue with the warpingAdjustment variable, which was previously renamed to _warpingAdjustment without using the [FormerlySerializedAs] attribute. This resulted in the adjustment value reverting back to its default value, which was 60. The recommended value for PC experiences is 17, and so this introduced a 43-millisecond difference in the warping effects, causing significant swim when the user moved their head.

  • Renamed the variable, again without using the [FormerlySerializedAs] attribute. This is intentional so that any bad values that have been saved into developer's scenes get discarded and overwritten by the new good default, 17.
  • Made it so that unless _allowManualTimeAlignment is checked, the adjustment value will do NOTHING. Instead the value is driven by a constant. This is so that if we want to push out a new value for the default adjustment value in the future, we can just update the constant and all developer's scenes will be automatically updated.


  • Leap Motion Orion 3.X
  • Oculus SDK 1.3
  • Unity 5.6+
  • Windows

Compatible Modules: