Enhanced tracking capabilities

Orion represents a huge increase in the general capabilities of our tracking technology, including how we handle parts of the hand hidden from the sensor's line of sight. Its unprecedented sensitivity allows Orion to maintain reliable tracking even at extreme angles and high occlusion.


Robust to complex environments

From coffee mugs and walls, to windows and sunlight, the real world presents many tracking challenges. Orion features radical improvements in how we handle cluttered backgrounds and ambient light – so you can bring your hand close to, and even in contact with, other surfaces.


Expanded range

Reaching out in virtual reality just feels natural. With Orion's expanded range, you can stretch out your arms and our tracking will keep up. Just be careful not to knock anything over!


Vastly improved grab and pinch

With improved tracking, we can now recreate nuanced physical interactions with digital objects in a way never before possible. With the Leap Motion Interaction Engine, developers can now access a powerful contextual bridge between the hand tracking, the physics, and the game engine.


Faster hand recognition

Orion starts tracking faster, and keeps tracking farther, with lower latency, and in situations where no previous software could keep up. It can recognize your hands almost instantaneously and keeps up the pace. It's subtle, but you'll notice right away how responsive it feels.