V2 desktop is for building with our standard tracking, including support for OSX, Linux, and tool tracking. A legacy OSX VR integration is also available.

If you're using Windows and don’t require tool tracking, we recommend Leap Motion Orion and our Orion Unity Assets. Newer VR demos will not work with V2.

WINDOWS 10 USERS: Note that a breaking change introduced in the 2017 Fall Creator's Update requires a manual fix. (This is required for up-to-date Windows 10 users but will break earlier versions of Windows.) Learn how to apply the fix on our forums.




For Unity assets that are compatible with V2, click here.

V2.3.1 Release Notes

Latest Updates

  • Resolved issue that caused tracking latency within apps to increase over time

  • Fix for service crash after disconnecting/reconnecting in HMD mode

  • Fix for errant disk full message in App Home on Windows

Known Issues (General)

  • We support the image hand in robust mode, but it is not recommended to use full-on image passthrough in bright lighting / robust mode

  • Pausing/Resuming Tracking can cause the FPS to drop. The workaround is to Disconnect/Reconnect the device to bring the FPS back to normal.

  • Bone direction vector points in the wrong direction. It should point toward the distal end of the bone.

  • Images cannot be extracted from serialized frames

  • Device.isFlipped is always false

  • Avast! Antivirus can interfere with Leap Motion Service installation (disable shields to work around)

  • Secure WebSocket (TLS) on Linux Chrome requires running with --ignore-certificate-errors (caution: this also affects non-WebSocket services)

  • Chrome on Windows 7 sometimes fails to respond to emulated touch points – to fix this, click inside the program with a mouse

  • The sphereRadius and sphereCenter functions of the Hand class are unstable when the hand is fully open

  • Tracking quality is lower when making a fist or with only one finger extended

  • Tracking may not work as well with bracelets, rings, watches, sleeves, etc

  • Linux does not support background apps or onFocus callbacks

Known Issues (VR Beta)

  • The latest version of the Oculus firmware limits bandwidth for the DK2’s built-in USB port, which harms the controller’s performance. For now, we recommend using the free cable extender bundled with the mount to connect the controller directly to the computer.

  • Tracking performance may degrade when closely facing large reflective surfaces like white walls or infrared-reflective curtains. (This is a broader issue with V2 tracking that we’re constantly improving on.)

  • Tracking degrades when arms are held directly away from the body (i.e. elbows straight).

  • Some poses are not currently tracked reliably in head-mounted display (HMD) mode (e.g. pinch/rotate, 3- and 4-finger poses).

  • Minimized or out-of-focus applications using the HMD policy flag can affect the service state. Close such programs before switching back to non-VR apps.