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The world’s most advanced hand tracking


Real interaction, in real time

Your hands are intricate and nuanced. Our software is too. World-leading hand tracking that captures all the subtlety and complexity of natural hand movements.

Leap Motion is now part of Ultraleap.

Gemini Developer Preview

We’re excited to share a Developer Preview of the fifth generation of our core software, known as Gemini.


Let’s build a new reality, together

Find all the tools and resources you need to develop with our hand tracking technology. Quick start guides, technical documentation, resources, support tickets, and more.


Get started

Quick start guides and SDK downloads for the Leap Motion Controller, Ultraleap Stereo IR 170, VR and desktop/laptop modes.


Add touchless gesture control to interactive screens

Our TouchFree application runs invisibly on top of existing touchscreens. Interactive kiosks and other public screens become touchless interfaces, minimizing contact with shared surfaces.


Develop a new reality


Our Unity Core Assets and Modules make it easy to design hand based user interfaces, and interactions.


Our latest hand tracking plugin for Unreal Engine 4.25 features our Interaction Engine, user interface examples, and more.


C API for accessing tracking data from the Leap Motion service.



Discover 75+ legacy desktop applications and a demo suite for virtual reality on the Leap Motion App Gallery.


Join our community

Join our community of over 350,000 developers worldwide.


Community Forum

Share your questions, insights, and projects as we build the next generation of 3D interfaces together.

Ultraleap Docs

Visit Ultraleap Docs for XR and touchless interfaces guidelines and camera placement guides.

Ultraleap Support

Need help? Check out our FAQs or raise a support ticket.

Project North Star

To explore the boundaries of interactive design in AR, we created and open sourced Project North Star.