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Equip yourself with everything you need to develop with Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking technology.

From touch-free kiosks to creations in Open XR, and everything in between. Dive into our guides to get started, explore our demos to feel inspired, and browse our blogs for tips, experiments, and tutorials.

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How hand tracking works

Ultraleap’s hand tracking technology is the world’s fastest and most accurate. Our hand tracking camera modules house infrared LEDs to light up your hands, and infrared cameras that send the images back to our tracking software.

Head over to our Developer Resources site for full details.

Tracking Software Download

Whatever you're working on our Tracking Software is the brains of the operation. Download it now to get started with adding the benefits of hand tracking to your project.


Follow our guides to get started.


develop for hand tracking

Select your platform of choice and get API reference documents, information on our latest compatible tools, and example scenes.


Ultraleap Design Guidelines

Written with your end-user in mind, and grounded in extensive testing. Want to know to design interactive objects? Or how to pick the most robust interaction type for your interactive kiosk? Check out our design guidelines on hand tracking for:

SUPPORT for Hand Tracking

Our Developer Resources and Technical FAQs will tell you almost anything you need to know about your Leap Motion Controller and Ultraleap Stereo IR 170.