Be one of the first to explore our fifth-generation software. To create Gemini, we rebuilt our tracking engine from the ground up. It’s been a big job, and we’re excited to finally share this milestone with our developer community for feedback.

Minimum system requirements


By joining our Developer Preview, Ultraleap may contact you to ask for your feedback. Developer licenses (for non-commercial use only) for developing with Ultraleap software are free. Commercial and enterprise use-cases require a commercial license. See our Ultraleap Tracking SDK Agreement and End User License Agreement for more information.

Gemini: Better performance with two-hand interactions

We know reducing friction for end-users unlocks enterprise use-cases. Gemini’s improved robustness means you can easily use both hands together. It enables more natural and immersive interaction with virtual objects and new wearable menus.

Gemini: Improved hand initialization

If hands don’t appear reliably, it’s disorientating and reduces embodiment. That’s why Gemini has improved hand initialization. Add the Stereo IR 170’s wider field of view and hands will almost certainly be tracked before they come into your sight.