gemini Windows v5 release notes

Tracking Service 5.13.2

  • Leap Motion Controller 2 support: all tracking modes supported.

Desktop Control Panel 3.3.0

  • USB hub/low device framerate warning

  • Enabled screentop for LMC2

OpenXR API Layer 1.5.0


  • Beta support for the extension XR_EXT_hand_interaction, XR_MSFT_hand_interaction and XR_EXT_palm_pose behind the flag ULTRALEAP_OPENXR_force_enable_hand_interaction.


  • Resolved an issue where the joints tracked bit was getting unset incorrectly.

  • Removed workaround for runtimes incorrectly raising an error on unrecognised extension structures.

  • Fixed palm wobble introduced by palm filter.

  • A regression in palm joint radius and correction for metacarpal joint radii.

Known Issues

  • Tracked bits being unset in tracked scenario on SteamVR via Pico Link.

  • Over-extrapolation leading to rubber banding effect when hand speed is greatly reduced in a small time period.

Information and support

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