Leap Motion Developer SDK Downloads

  1. Download the installer and SDK (consult Release Notes and Known Issues for

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    SDK v2.2.4.26750
    SDK v2.2.3.25971
    SDK v2.2.2.24469
    SDK v1.2.0.10973
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Welcome to LeapJS

This is the place to find the latest LeapJS and plugins for your JavaScript project. You can find more setup instructions through our getting started page.


See the archive for older versions.



LeapJS provides a powerful and flexible extension framework that makes it easy to build and use custom plugins. They’re configurable, can extend frame objects (such as fingers or hands) with new functionality or data, and can emit custom events from the controller.

LeapJS-Plugins includes:

  • Hand Entry Emit events when a hand enters or leaves the field of view.
  • Hand Hold Save data onto hands or fingers to be persisted between frames.
  • Screen Position Get the on-screen position of any point in Leap-space.
  • Version Check Ensure a minimum protocol version when running your app.
  • Playback Record hand-data from the Leap, compress it, and use it to animate your app.
  • Transform Translate, rotate, and scale Leap Motion data. Use this to orient the hand for Virtual Reality.
  • Bone Hand Add a customizable 3D hand to your THREE.js scene in one line of code.

LeapJS 3D Widgets: Push buttons and drag planes

LeapJS-rigged-hand uses THREE.js to add a hand to any web page.

Leap Data Plotter allows easy plotting streaming data to a <canvas>.

LeapJS-Network: [alpha] Stream Leap Motion data live over WebRTC Data channels.




Allows you to capture and play back Leap frame data.


This is the place to find the latest Unity resources for your project. Before you get started, make sure that you have Unity 5 installed. You can find more setup instructions through our getting started page.

Note: The deprecated Unity 4.6 assets have been archived and remain available at https://developer.leapmotion.com/downloads/unity/4.6

Core Assets

With Unity 5, we have a single asset release that includes the core and VR assets. Each asset release (below) is numbered according to its corresponding Leap Motion software version. Be sure to use the latest Unity asset version that corresponds to your version.

Sign in to download Unity Core Assets v2.2.4
See the known issues

Leap Motion Tracking Version 2.2.4 required.
Built with Oculus Rift 0.4.4 SDK.

After downloading the package, check out our getting started page for more setup instructions – including how to drop the assets into your project. Important: Be sure to use the Leap Motion Core Assets (linked above) as your core library. Deprecated assets using the V1 software or Unity 4.6 assets may result in errors.

Developing with VR?

The Core Assets come packaged with everything you need to start developing cool experiences with the VR Developer Mount. More setup instructions can be found on our getting started page, in the section Using Leap Motion and Oculus for VR.

Portions Copyright © 2013 Oculus VR, Inc. All rights reserved. Subject to the conditions and disclaimer in the SDK license agreement at https://developer.oculus.com/licenses/

Examples Gallery

Our examples gallery features several open source demos built in Unity for VR and desktop experiences. Download them and try them out!