Leap Motion C API  4.1.0
The API to the LeapC library.
  • Callback Example – A basic example that services the LeapC message pump and invokes callback functions in response to service-related events. All callbacks are called on the servicing thread – NOT the originating thread.
  • Polling Example – A modification of the callback example that allows an application to access tracking data and device properties from its thread of choice.
  • Interpolating Frames Example – Demonstrates how to request frames interpolated to a specific point in time. Interpolation can increase the perception of responsiveness in the tracking data with no increase in latency by matching the effective tracking frame rate exactly to the requested frame rate (whether that frame rate is for the display, for the physics, or for something else altogether).
  • 3D Drawing Example – Demonstrates how to draw hand tracking data using the OpenGL fixed-function pipeline. Combines the callback and polling examples with GLUT.
  • Images Example – Demonstrates how to get the set of stereo camera images from which a frame of tracking data was generated.
  • Textured Quad Example – Demonstrates how to draw a quad textured with the Leap Motion camera images using the OpenGL fixed-function pipeline and GLUT.
  • Rectifying Points Example – Demonstrates how to rectify points in an image with the LeapRectilinearToPixel() function.
  • Rectifying with a Shader Example – Demonstrates how to rectify image data using a distortion map texture and a fragment shader.