Set up your Leap Motion Controller for Desktop/Laptops

If you haven’t already downloaded the SDK, please go back and do this first.

1. Peel off sticker

Remove the sticker from the top of the Leap Motion Controller.



2. Plug it into your computer

Use the USB cable included in the box.

Centre the controller in front of your keyboard or laptop. The shiny side of the controller faces up and the green light faces towards you. Locate it so that it is comfortable to use.



3. Run the Leap Motion Visualizer

Run the Leap Motion Visualizer to check your device is working properly. This can be found in the Leap Motion Control Panel.



4. Start Creating

Get started with our plugins for Unity and Unreal or use the LeapC API. Older bindings for C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Objective-C remain available, but are no longer actively supported.



Our Unity Core Assets and Modules make it easy to design hands, user interfaces, and interactions.

Learn more


Our latest hand tracking plugin for Unreal Engine 4.23 features our Interaction Engine, user interface examples, and more.

Learn more


C-style API for accessing tracking data from the Leap Motion service.

Learn more

Legacy APIs

Including C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Python, and JavaScript

Learn more

5. Explore the Gallery

View demos suitable for use with your Leap Motion Controller.